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Why does context matter?

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Derived from the Latin word, contexere, which means weaving together, the word - context can be described as “the setting of an event, composition, or text, in the sense of describing the spatio-temporal parts immediately preceding or following that determine its meaning. Johnson, P.A in his book, The theory of Architecture expresses the essence of context within architecture in an etymological manner. The context in plan provides a completeness that allows the drawing to be represented in an effective manner by evaluating the elements that belong to it. The importance of the context emerges as its ability to express and bring to light its inclusion as a combined unity to create a relationship and a dialogue, a notion that aspires to move in a coherent manner whilst carving a niche for itself. In addition to the noted expressions regarding this relationship, Clough Williams Ellis cited in Johnson (1994), judges and the abstract/superficial relationship that his architecture has with the environment. In the publication, he stresses the necessity of unity with the context: "it’s not possible to enjoy an individual building if it does not belong to suitable environment which constitutes the coherent picture.

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