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A tale of five year old

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

: “When I put down green it doesn’t mean grass, and when I put down blue it doesn’t mean sky.”Henri Matisse

My five year old neighbor loves to draw using crayons, and he describes the red inchoate being as the goblin who has the ability to inflict carnage. He uses colors to engender emotion or imagination.

Likewise the use of color yellow in the plan represents an abstract relationship of the vigorous part of the plan. It helps in establishing an understanding of the primary formation, movement and the use of space. As the semi-open corridor which extends into the open courtyard attracts the most human interaction, the color yellow sets up an playful contrast that allows the space to pop and highlight suggesting its transactional engagment.

Further going beyond the two-dimensionality of plans, presented as an efficient instrument in the spatial representation of the project, on adding the notion of third dimension—and even though it’s presented by on a 2D sheet of paper—it gives a better understanding to the viewer

Drawings don't have to be necessarily rigid or follow predetermined guidelines.Drawings can be an emotion, which is why some possibilities can go beyond the simple dimension of its spatial explanation. Henri Matisse (1869-1954) considered colors as forces,to be assembled as inspiration dictates.In that case, the use of colour is often one component of the drawings which can create a mood and arouse an emotion experience in terms of how the drawing can be lived and felt by the body.

The section tries to create an illusion of space on a canvas through the use of the varied colors. The objects in elevation that do not need much attention appear progressively hazier, paler and bluer to give depth to the section. The perspective section also works to imply distance in a more confined space, where the habitable spaces stand out by using warm

colors that instantly catch the eye.

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